I hold the belief that all lives are valuable. I would like to ban abortion past 12 weeks from conception. While I would prefer no one had an abortion, I do not believe in outlawing it completely, thus creating more harmful situations for women seeking out illegal abortions or attempting them on their own. I believe that no abortion should be funded by taxpayer dollars. Instead of subsidizing abortion, we should subsidize adoption, making it more affordable for someone able to give a child a loving home to do so. 

Contraceptive measures for women need to be more cost effective and easily accessible, and I would like to see advancement in male birth control measures. 


I am a firm believer in legal immigration. We are currently in a crisis where many illegal immigrants are crossing our southern border. In addition to that, about 40% of illegal immigrants are those that overstay their visas.

I will fight for the wall on the southern border, but I also believe we need a program to better track those who come into our country with a visa. 


In order to avoid releasing asylum seekers into our country before their entire asylum trial is completed, we need to invest in better detainment facilities that provide for the needs of the family while they wait for a determination of asylum status. 


I do believe that our climate is changing as a result of carbon emissions. However, in the United States, we have met our carbon emission target while other nations carbon emissions continue to increase. I would like to see a transition to renewable energy as it is feasible for our citizens and does not completely deplete the use of fossil fuels, a driving force in our economy. Taking steps to reduce our landfills, decrease the use of plastics, and helping reduce pollution in our bodies of water is steps that individuals can take without government enforcement.

Gun Rights

I believe that law abiding citizens should be uninhibited from owning firearms of their choosing. I do believe in universal background checks and licenses to own guns. I stand by the statement that if you need a license to drive a car, why should you not have one to own a firearm. Will this prevent all gun violence, of course not, but it is a step in the direction that does not take away firearms from law abiding citizens, but could potentially remove firearms from unstable individuals. 


There is a difference between helping those that cannot help themselves, and those that don't. In the Fiscal Year 2018, 403 billion dollars was spent on Medicaid. Of this 403 billion, over 100 billion was spent on able bodied adults. I would like to propose a change in our Medicaid for Families program. If a family falls within a certain income level, they will use a low premium high deductible plan of their choosing, and the government will provide an HSA card with $1000 dollars per family member in the household. On average, Medicaid spends around $3000 per adult and $2000 per child on a Medicaid plan. This would mean that the average family of 2 adults and 2 children roughly cost $10000 a year to cover. This plan would make those who receive their HSA more fiscally responsible for the care that they receive. Medicaid will still be available for children in the system, disabled, and elderly.

Preexisting conditions and mental health care need to continue to be protected under any new healthcare legislation designed to replace Obamacare. 

We also need to focus on quality and positive outcomes. Creating an agency with highly respected provider's, nurses, and those in the medical billing field can help to establish a best practice version of healthcare. This would drive down the cost of healthcare simply by lowering the amount of unnecessary tests and procedures.

We do need to reduce the cost of pharmaceuticals for the American people. We should not have to decide between eating and getting life saving medication. I am still in the process of reviewing different options on how we could do this, and any ideas from the public would be well received.

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